Thursday, December 5, 2013

You can call me Vivian

There I was standing on my usual corner.. it was a slow night when up comes this black Porsche ,  vanity tag in front said " NASDAQ" .... he must be lost I say to myself as I walk towards the car. 
He said he was in town from New York was looking  for  the Marriot downtown .. must have taken the wrong ext.

" well sugar, you are far from the Marriott " i said as  I sat in the car.. the feel of the leather was so soft ..

eyeing his watch..his cuff links.. his  shoes... I lean over and whisper " well since you are here .. "   as I took his cock from those tailor made pants..

 I showed him what us Downtown Atlanta Southern ladies of the night is made of... stepped out his car.. collected my money.. As I started to walk away  I heard ... " hey Pretty Girl... I want to see you next time I'm in town . What's your name ??"   I kept walking barely slowing  down.. "  you can call me Vivian "

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